Second Character Interview from Would You Have Believed Me? by Justina Luther

Ten Questions for a Fictional Character: Eric Mitchell of Would You Have Believed Me? #1 Of the Step into Darkness Series

Hey, everyone! This is the second in a series of three character interviews for Justina Luther’s upcoming book Would You Have Believed Me? To find the first interview, click here:

12/29 2:30 p.m.

Camille gets up to leave and a young man with blond hair takes her place across the kitchen table from me.

Smiling, I extend my hand. “Annya Quintero, freelance writer.”

His adam’s apple bobs and he offers me a shy smile with a firm handshake. “Eric. Justine said you’re interviewing all of us because of her mom’s new man?”

I nod.“The author I work for is quite interested in having the word get out about all of you. Any questions for me before we get started?”

He shakes his head so I grab my pen and pad once more.

Annya: Justine and Camille clearly feel you’re a big part of this story. What part do you play in all of this?

“I’m Justine’s boyfriend. We’ve known each other for basically our whole lives.”

 Annya:  What do you think of Justine’s step-father-to-be, Dirk?

He shrugs. “Seems like a decent guy. Kinda quiet sometimes, but he picked Mrs. Leonard (Justine’s mom) up when she needed it most. Anyone who does that is okay in my book. He really seems to have been what they both needed.”

Annya: When you say he “picked her up,” what do you mean?

Shifting in his seat, he tugs at the collar of his shirt. “Things were hard for them—they would have been for anyone—but I guess I’m biased. I really hated seeing Justine, especially, go through losing her dad. They were both used to a third person being there so Dirk balances the scales again.”

Annya: How did Justine’s father pass?

“That’s really their business. I don’t think it would be right for me to share. It was a very difficult time for them and if people are really that curious then they can look it up in the local papers.”

Annya: What did you think of Dirk the first time you met him?

A tinge of red creeps up his neck. “He and Mrs. Leonard seemed happy.” Looking away, his blush deepens. “Off the record? It felt like watching my parents as teenagers or something.”

Annya: It’s normal for a boyfriend to be nervous about his girlfriend’s father and you’ve already had to deal with one. How are you feeling about a new father figure to impress?

Laughing, he runs a hand through his hair. “That’s one way to put it. But, I’m not going anywhere, and he’s not her dad, so we’ll figure it out.”

Annya: To prepare for today, I checked in with the rumor mill to see what I might find about all of you. What was said about you was quite interesting. Is it true you used to do drugs?

“That’s something I decline to comment on.”

Annya: What do Justine and her mom think of your past?

“I like to think they know who I am. I work every day to earn back trust any former mistakes might have cost me.”

Annya: I guess that confirms the rumor mill’s information that you’re dad is a lawyer. What does Dirk think of your past?

“I can’t comment on what anyone else thinks of me. I would only be guessing.”

 Annya: Final question, where can readers find more of your story?

“Would You Have Believed Me? Is now available for preorder on Amazon it will be publishing the 10th of next month.”

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About the author: Justina Luther is a lifetime author with a passion for reading, writing, animals and creativity. Be it a story or something she’s learned, sharing with her readers is her greatest joy. With a love for trying new things, she constantly finds experiences to add depth and realism to her fiction.


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